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If you are looking for an expert Gold Coast criminal law firm or an experienced criminal defence lawyer, Craven Gold Coast Criminal Lawyers are here to help.

Craven Lawyers Gold Coast is a leading criminal law firm providing expertise in all aspects of criminal law.

Facing criminal charges on the Gold Coast is a serious matter, and it can be incredibly daunting. You need an experienced lawyer to help defend you and protect your rights and interests. We can help you from your first dealings with the police to the end of your case. When you need to find a Gold Coast lawyer but need help finding the right solicitor, ask questions and do your research. Choosing a criminal lawyer on the Gold Coast may be one of your most important decisions. The criminal lawyer you choose can change the outcome.

We understand a conviction for a criminal offence can have life-altering consequences, potentially leading to job loss, strained relationships, housing issues, damage to your reputation, and even incarceration. How you handle these charges can profoundly impact your future. That’s why seeking legal advice from a seasoned Gold Coast criminal lawyer is crucial.

If you’ve been contacted by the police or charged with an offence, don’t hesitate to contact Craven Lawyers Gold Coast immediately. Delaying or forgoing legal representation could result in unfavourable outcomes. Our team of criminal lawyers offer invaluable guidance, presents all available options, and recommends the most effective course of action for your situation. Contacting our firm could be your best decision during this challenging time.

Defending you is more than just knowing the law. We need to get to know you to understand what is important to you. Our lawyers will listen to what you say, so we know how to represent you best. What you do is your business. Look around our website to learn more about the criminal offences you face. If you do nothing else, hire a criminal lawyer, not just any lawyer, to represent you.

We have a proven track record of successfully defending criminal law clients against various crimes; we’re committed to launching the strongest possible defence on your behalf. Our priority is safeguarding your rights and future, instilling hope in the criminal justice system. Whether you’re facing criminal charges or traffic offences, our criminal law solicitors are here to guide you through every step of the legal process. Count on our experienced lawyers to provide expert advice and representation of the highest calibre.

If you are charged with a criminal offence in the Gold Coast, contact our lawyers today at 1800 529 000 to protect your future.



We’re Ready To Help You And Fight For Your Case Now!


Like most criminal law firms, we can represent you concerning any criminal offence. No matter where you live on the Gold Coast, we are the lawyers you can speak to if charged with a drug offence, sexual offence or white-collar crime. We help clients with drug driving and drink driving charges, applications for work licences or special hardship orders,  bail applications, police interviews, appeals and representing clients at breaches of probation, community service orders or suspended sentences.  Our criminal lawyers can provide advice and legal representation for a wide variety of criminal matters.



Choosing a criminal lawyer on the Gold Coast is one of the most important decisions you need to make. The outcome of your case can depend on who you engage in representing you. If your lawyer is not an experienced criminal lawyer, you will be at a major disadvantage.

Mr. Justin Craven of our office has over 15 years’ experience. His clients have had not guilty verdicts, dismissals and charges reduced. He has appeared as an advocate in the Childrens Court, Magistrates Court, District Court, and Supreme Court of Queensland.  There are a lot of criminal lawyers out there, and many of us are very good. We know it is hard to choose, but the bottom line is, we know how to win cases like yours. When you engage Craven Criminal Lawyers Gold Coast to help you, you are in excellent hands.



We understand that facing charges from the police can be overwhelming and frightening. That’s why we’re here to offer you support and unwavering pursuit of justice. From the moment you reach out to us, you become part of our family. We listen to your story, concerns, and goals, ensuring we fully comprehend your situation. Our team of experienced lawyers will guide you through every step of the legal process, keeping you informed, empowered, and reassured.

We provide timely updates on the progress of your case to prioritize your peace of mind. Our goal is to alleviate your anxiety by ensuring you’re well-informed and involved in decision-making.

Choosing us means more than hiring a criminal defence team – it means gaining trusted allies who genuinely care about your well-being. We are deeply committed to making a positive difference in the lives of our clients.



If the police contact you, it’s crucial to reach out to a criminal lawyer immediately. Time is of the essence, and the decisions you make early on can significantly impact your case. Don’t wait until you’re charged, as sometimes, it may be too late. Seeking advice early allows you to understand your rights and potential outcomes.

Even if you haven’t been contacted by the police yet but anticipate it, we recommend speaking to a criminal lawyer. An experienced lawyer can advise you on handling police interactions and safeguarding your rights.



No Judgement

We are not here to judge what you may or may not have done. We are here to help you.  Our criminal lawyers will listen to you and give you advice based on our many years of criminal law experience.

Best Outcome

Our job is to get you the best outcome for your case. There are no second places in the courtroom. Our criminal lawyers will strive to achieve you the best result for your situation.

You Will Get Quality Representation

Our criminal law experience and knowledge allows our clients to receive legal representation of a high standard.


We are here to support you and your family each step of the way during your criminal case.


We work with your legal team to present a seamless case before the Court.

Committed to You and Your Case

We are a client-focused Gold Coast law firm. Our lawyers use plain English so you understand each step of the way.  After all, it is your life. From the start you will have a criminal law expert defending you. We will get to know you and find an outcome to put you on the best path forward.

Open and Transparent

We will keep you clearly informed about your legal costs.


Do I Need A Lawyer?

You’ve probably heard the saying, “He who represents himself has a fool for a client”.” When the police charge you with a crime, it’s a serious matter. The legal system is complex, and a conviction can change your life. Not everyone accused of a crime is guilty. Trying to represent yourself might harm your case more than help it.

Experienced criminal lawyers have years of training and know-how in criminal law. They can examine evidence and determine if there’s a defence available. What seems like a strong case against you might look weak to a criminal defence lawyer. There could be crucial evidence missing. A skilled lawyer could find a strong defence or make a compelling argument for why the prosecution should drop the case. This could result in dropped charges or a not-guilty verdict. Hiring a criminal lawyer is the first step toward a successful outcome.


How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Criminal Lawyer? 

The cost of hiring a lawyer varies based on factors like the type of offence police have charged you with and the services you need.

Lawyers typically charge clients either by the hour or with a fixed fee.

Hourly rate billing means the lawyer will charge you for the time they spend on tasks, usually in six-minute increments. This method can be seen as rewarding inefficiency because even quick tasks are billed for the minimum time. Lawyers may use this when the scope of work is uncertain.

With fixed-fee billing, clients pay a set amount for specific tasks. This provides clarity on legal costs and helps with budgeting. It’s the preferred method for Craven Lawyers.


Will I Get A Conviction Recorded? 

Determining if someone will have a conviction recorded can be tricky. The law requires the Court to consider factors like the type of offence, the person’s character and age, and how having a conviction will affect their job prospects.


What Should I Do If The Police Contact Me? 

If the police contact you, you must contact a criminal lawyer immediately. Being contacted by the police indicates you’re under their scrutiny for something. Don’t assume your innocence means you don’t need legal assistance. Even innocent individuals seek the guidance of criminal lawyers early on. A criminal lawyer can offer initial advice on your rights, what to anticipate, and how to interact with the police.


Do I Need To Speak To The Police? 

If police question you about a crime, you’re only required to give them your name and address. If they ask for identification to confirm this, you must provide it. Avoid saying anything else except that you want to talk to a lawyer.

Keep in mind, police often record conversations, starting from the first interaction. Anything you say can be used against you in court, whether recorded or not. Always consult a lawyer before speaking to the police, regardless of how innocent their questions may seem.


Police Have Asked Me to Take Part In An Interview, What Should I Do? 

Our standard advice is to advise clients against agreeing to an interview with the police. Based on our experience, those who participate in police interviews often struggle to convince them not to press charges.

There are several compelling reasons why we suggest avoiding police interviews, which we detail here:


Please note that police typically carry recording devices and begin recording conversations from the outset. Anything you say to them, whether recorded or not, could be used against you in court. It’s essential to consult with a lawyer before speaking to the police, regardless of how innocent their questions may appear.

Keep in mind, police often record conversations, starting from the first interaction. Anything you say can be used against you in court, whether recorded or not. Always consult a lawyer before speaking to the police, regardless of how innocent their questions may seem.



Should you do an interview with police? 

Convictions Queensland

When will a conviction for a criminal offence be recorded? 

Writing a character reference

What do you say in a Character Reference? 


If you have been charged with a criminal offence on the Gold Coast, you probably have several questions you want answered. We have created various videos on criminal law topics and the court process to help guide you through what may seem to be a difficult time. We are here to help and support you through these times. If you have questions after seeing our videos, please feel free to phone us on 1800 529 000 and one of our criminal lawyers will help you.