JUSTIN CRAVEN, L.L.B (Hons), B.Int.Bus Director Lawyer

Brisbane Criminal Lawyers

Justin Craven leads the firm’s criminal law division. He has a distinguished career as an exceptional criminal lawyer with more than 15 years of experience in criminal justice. He is well-respected by Magistrates, Judges and Prosecutors. He has appeared as an advocate in Queensland’s Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts.

Justin’s expertise is in representing clients charged with serious criminal offences, such as sexual offences, child exploitation material offences, offences involving violence, and fraud. He has developed and implemented defence strategies that achieve exceptional results for his clients. He identifies flaws in the prosecution’s case and builds defence cases that lead to positive results for his clients.

No matter the client’s situation, Justin always strives to achieve the best possible outcome. He makes sure his clients understand their legal rights and options so they can make informed decisions about their lives. Justin will negotiate with the prosecution to get charges discontinued or downgraded where possible. No matter what criminal offence you face, Justin is here to help.


You can contact Justin directly on 0422 29 29 86 and via email: [email protected]