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When your freedom is at stake, you don’t just need a lawyer, you need an experienced Brisbane criminal defence lawyer on your side.    

Criminal Lawyers Brisbane


At Craven Lawyers, we understand being convicted of a crime can change your life forever. It can cause you to lose your job, family members, home, reputation, and at worst your freedom. Our lawyers have over a decade of experience in criminal justice in Brisbane and the surrounding areas.

Being charged with a criminal offence is serious. How you respond to a charge can have significant consequences for your case. The best way you can respond is by engaging an experienced Brisbane criminal lawyer to represent you as soon as possible. Contacting the team at Craven Lawyers may be the most important decision you will make. We will launch your best possible criminal defence and help you to minimise the effects of being charged on your life.

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What We Do


Our criminal lawyers help people just like you by:


Giving them advice in relation to criminal charges, police contact, search warrant executions etc.


Forensically reviewing and analysing the evidence given to us by the prosecution.


Getting them bail.


Attending police interviews with them.


Getting their charges dropped (discontinued).


Representing them at sentence hearings when they plead guilty to criminal offences.


Representing them at trials when they contest charges.


Appealing their sentence or conviction.




When your freedom and future are at stake, our Brisbane criminal defence lawyers will fight for you. We know being convicted of a criminal offence can be a life-changing event. You need lawyers who care about you and what you are facing.

There are 4 main reasons clients choose our firm to represent them.

(1) Experience                           

(2) Experts

(3) Best Possible Result         

(4) Straight-up advice


When you or a family member face a criminal charge, the experience of your lawyer counts. When you engage a lawyer, it is not like buying a product. You are paying for a service. The service you receive depends on the skills, knowledge and experience of your lawyer. Mr. Justin Craven of our office has over twelve years’ experience as a criminal lawyer.  He has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon to assist clients and mentor our team.


We have acted for numerous clients charged with various criminal offences. Our broad range of experience makes us a safe choice for any criminal offence you face.

The Best Possible Result

Our goal is to achieve you the best possible result, no matter what your situation. To achieve this involves preparation, preparation and preparation. Our Brisbane criminal lawyers know this and devote a lot of time to preparing their cases. Whether it is an application to the Court, a sentence hearing or trial, we do not rush things. We make sure our client’s cases are thoroughly prepared. We leave no stone unturned.  


Like experience, our lawyers possess extensive knowledge in criminal law.  Our Brisbane criminal lawyers are experts in criminal law. They do not occasionally practise criminal law, this is what they do each day.  You will not be used as a guinea pig for our lawyers to learn criminal law, we know what we are doing. Our Brisbane criminal lawyers know how the criminal justice system works and are experienced in dealing with the prosecution and the Courts. Our lawyers have knowledge of the law and the legal processes involved to best represent you.

Straight-up Advice

The advice we give you will be straight-up and honest. We will not sugarcoat things to give you a false sense of security.  Our lawyers will keep you informed as your case progresses. We explain each step of the way to you in plain English. Our job is to make sure you understand the court process, the evidence, your options and potential outcomes. After all it is your life.



It is crucial you get advice from a criminal law expert when charged with an assault. We help clients charged with assaults. Assaults can include a wide range of circumstances- from a simple push in the chest to a punch in the face causing significant injuries. As a result, the penalties for assaults can vary greatly.

Our lawyers are here to help and give you expert representation for assaults such as –

  • Common assault.
  • Assault occasioning bodily harm.
  • Serious assault. 


Offences of Violence

Besides assaults, other criminal offences involving violence include: –

  • Grievous bodily harm.
  • Torture.
  • Wounding.
  • Manslaughter/Murder.

If you are charged with an offence of violence, you need an experienced criminal defence lawyer on your side. 


If you are charged with a drug offence, you need the experience of Craven Lawyers on your side. Our lawyers regularly represent clients charged with a variety of drug offences ranging from possession to trafficking. If you plead guilty to a drug offence, the Court will be concerned with the steps you are taking to turn your life around. Our lawyers give you guidance on the steps you can take to show the Court you are taking steps to deal with any issues you have.    

The Courts take drug offences seriously and the penalties are reflected by this. For some offences, such as trafficking, a prison sentence is almost inevitable.   

Drug offences we help clients with include:

  • Possession. 
  • Supply. 
  • Trafficking. 
  • Producing. 

Such things relevant for drug offences include:

  • The drug.
  • The purity of the drug.
  • The weight of the drug.

For drug trafficking, relevant factors also include: –

  • How many customers the client had.
  • How long the client trafficked for.
  • The quantities being sold.
  • Level of sophistication of the business operation.
  • Value of the sales and/or turnover of the operation.
  • Who the drugs were sold to.


Sexual Offences

Being convicted of a sex offence can be a sure way to land yourself in prison. If the police contact you about a sexual offence, it is imperative you first speak to a criminal lawyer. Do not for one moment think you are fine to speak to the police and just tell them your story.

Craven Lawyers undertakes a lot of work involving sexual offences. We are therefore very aware of the issues arising in sex cases.  Our team of criminal lawyers can help represent you in relation to the following sex offences:

  • Indecent treatment of a child under 16
  • Maintaining a sexual relationship with a child
  • Rape. 
  • Sexual assault. 
  • Grooming Children Under 16.
  • Incest. 
  • Unlawful sodomy. 
  • Possessing Child Exploitation Material.

You can rest assure by engaging Craven Lawyers the best Brisbane criminal defence lawyers and barristers will represent you. We have a network of criminal barristers we engage to represent our clients charged with sexual cases to ensure the best result. 



The Courts often hand down heavy penalties for persons convicted of robbery. Being convicted can cause you to end up in prison.  It is imperative to get advice from a Brisbane criminal lawyer when facing a robbery charge. 

The main issue for a jury hearing a robbery trial is “Was it the accused?”. The police will get evidence they believe will link you to the robbery. This evidence is commonly called “identification evidence”. Such evidence may include: 

  • DNA.
  • Fingerprints.
  • Photo board interviews with witnesses who say they saw you.
  • CCTV footage. 

Evidence relied on by police must be carefully scrutinised. You need a lawyer on your side who will closely review the evidence and challenge it. You need a Brisbane criminal lawyer from Craven Lawyers to help evaluate the evidence and start your defence. 


Fraud and Other Dishonesty Offences 

Frauds are taken seriously by the Courts and can lead to a term of imprisonment. They can include a variety of circumstances. Common frauds include Centrelink fraud, Medicare fraud and Cash Converter style frauds. They can also include large and complex fraudulent schemes. We have represented clients facing fraud offences at all levels. If you are charged with a fraud, it is imperative you contact the fraud experts, Craven Lawyers. Even if you are not currently charged with fraud, but the police have contacted you, get in contact with our lawyers straight away. The decisions you make early on could affect the ultimate outcome of your case and could lead to you being charged.  

Other dishonesty offences we help clients with include –

  • Money laundering.
  • Stealing. 
  • Stealing as a servant.
  • Receiving tainted property.
  • Forgery and uttering.

If you or a family member are being investigated for a dishonesty offence, you must contact our criminal lawyers straight away.


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