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Are You Protecting Your Family’s Future?

Our families are important. We work hard to provide for their future. But, what if something unexpected happened? It is just as important to plan to protect your family on your death as you do in your lifetime.

A Will is a document that provides for how your property should be divided on your death. If you do not have a Will your property will not be divided to whoever you want. Your property will be divided according to the law. Take, for example, Adam and Jane, a married couple with two children. In Queensland, if Adam died without a Will the law provides that:

1. his wife Jane would receive the first $150,000 plus household chattels (a defacto partner would receive the same entitlement); and

2. his remaining estate (anything over the first $150,000) would be divided so Jane receives one third and their two children would receive the other two thirds.

The position at law may not be the plan you want for your family. Not having a Will can result in higher costs in finalising your estate. Plan for and protect your family’s future.

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