How Much Does Probate Cost In Qld?

Want to know much Probate costs in Qld?  Below, we set out the fees associated with applying for Probate Qld.


There are three main types of Probate costs in Qld Probate Applications, including:

  1. Queensland Law Reporter Advertising Fee;
  2. Supreme Court of Queensland Filing Fee; and
  3. Solicitor Fees.


The Queensland Law Reporter Advertising Fee and Supreme Court Filing Fee are the same regardless of the value or size of the deceased estate. Solicitor fees vary from firm to firm.


1. Queensland Law Reporter Advertising Fee

Before a Qld Probate Application can be filed in the Supreme Court, the Executor must advertise their intention to apply for Probate in the Queensland Law Reporter.

The current fee charged by the Queensland Law Reporter for this advertisement is $161.70.

The Queensland Law Reporter is published each Friday, and the advertising deadline is the Monday prior. The publication deadlines and fees for the Queensland Law Reporter can be viewed here


2. Supreme Court of Queensland Filing Fee

A filing fee is payable when a Qld Probate Application is filed in the Supreme Court. The Court filing fee is fixed. The same standard fee is payable regardless of the value of the deceased estate.

As of 1 July 2023, the current standard filing fee for Qld Probate Applications is $793.00.

Sometimes, you can apply to have the court filing fee reduced. If you are successful, the reduced court filing fee for Qld Probate Applications is $144.70.

The fees the Supreme Court of Queensland charges can be reviewed here


3. Solicitor Fees

Solicitors generally charge fees for their services either by the time costed (i.e. by an hourly rate) method or a fixed fee. 

Lawyers who use the hourly rate method charge clients for the time it takes them to perform a task. The lawyer has an hourly rate they use to charge for their time. The hourly rate is divided into ten units of six-minute intervals. The minimum time a lawyer will charge a client is six minutes, even if the task only takes two minutes. The hourly rate method rewards inefficient lawyers and can create uncertainty for clients regarding their total legal fees. The fixed fee method takes away all of the uncertainty for the client. Clients know from the start what the lawyer will charge them to perform a task. This lets the client know what they will be paying in legal fees. 

Solicitor fees vary depending on which legal practice the Executor retains. Solicitor fees can be between $1,650 to $6,000, sometimes higher.

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Other Probate Costs In Qld

Other incidental costs may be payable when applying for Probate Qld. An example of such a cost can be applying for a death certificate. The funeral costs often include the cost of applying for a death certificate. If an additional death certificate is required, the births, deaths and marriages registry can be asked to issue another one. As at 1 July 2023, it costs $54.40 to get a death certificate. Another incidental cost when
applying for Probate Qld is the cost a law firm or another organisation charges to retrieve the deceased’s original Will.


Who Pays The Probate Costs In Qld?

Generally, Probate Qld costs are payable from the deceased’s estate. Sometimes, estate assets are “frozen” until Probate is granted. Where a family member pays the Probate Qld costs, they are entitled to be reimbursed from estate funds once available.




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♦ Drafting of Supreme Court documents.

♦ Filing of Probate Application in the Supreme Court.

♦ Responding to any questions raised by the Probate Registrar.

♦ Collecting the original Grant of Probate from the Supreme Court and forwarding to you.

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