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As any parent will appreciate the costs of raising a child are significant. These costs are the responsibility of each parent of a child.

How much each parent should contribute and whether one parent should pay the other parent money to assist with the financial support of a child is assessed by the Child Support Agency.

To determine how much child support one parent is liable to pay to the other parent, the Child Support Agency uses a formula to calculate an assessment which takes into account each parent’s income and also the amount of time the child spends with each parent.

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How do you apply for a child support assessment?

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An application for the assessment of child support must be made to the Child Support Registrar at the Department of Human Services.

This application can be made online or by phoning 131 272. To access the online application click here.

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Who can apply for the assessment of child support?

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As parents, can we come to our own child support arrangement?

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What is a Limited Child Support Agreement?

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What is a Binding Child Support Agreement?

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A Binding Child Support Agreement allows parents to make a binding agreement about child support payments. This agreement can be made even if there is already child assessment in place.

In addition to the agreement being in writing and signed by both parties, each party to the agreement must also obtain independent legal advice before entering into the agreement.

Parents considering a Binding Child Support Agreement can consider any child support payment, including an amount less than that assessed by the Child Support Agency.